Have you always dreamed of working in the beauty industry? Good news: it only keeps on growing.

According to Zion Market Research, in 2024, the global cosmetics market is expected to reach approximately $863 billion. As the industry expands, it needs more talent that is fluent in burgeoning trends and has the required qualifications. And as it turns out, there are a lot of candidates eager to enter the booming beauty industry.

Learn from ForceBrands‘ beauty expert and Client Strategist in Beauty, Health, and Wellness, Jessica Viana, on what qualifications and qualities can help you get a role in beauty.

Demonstrate your passion for the industry
Makeup and artistry certifications are not required but are desirable as they indicate an interest in the beauty industry that goes beyond just getting hired. Attending beauty events and networking is a good idea for any candidate looking to learn more about the space and is a good way to make connections that may help you land a job. Keeping up with your favorite brands on social media, subscribing to beauty-focused newsletters and magazines, and being on top of beauty trends will show prospective employers that you are a knowledgeable candidate with a passion for the industry.

Have a strong social media presence
In comparison with other verticals, the beauty industry caters to looks and appearances. Beauty industry employers are more likely to turn to social media when searching for new talent. A strong social media presence (or a really visually appealing one) can help you impress a recruiter or a hiring manager, especially if you are applying for a position in social media marketing. Hiring managers also tend to prefer candidates who share the same mission as their brand and can reflect the face of its core values.

Be flexible and open
For entry level-candidates looking to break into high-growth brands, it’s important to be flexible when it comes to the scope of responsibilities. Candidates should avoid being too selective when looking at a job description and what the role entails. “Being a cultural fit and joining a company that you are really passionate about is more valuable than just looking at the job description,” Viana says. Ideally, candidates should focus on brands that intrigue them, ones they foresee themselves being involved in for the long-term, and brands whose mission statements resonate with them personally.

Have tech and business qualifications
When is comes to marketing roles, companies often prefer candidates with MBAs. With today’s trends around e-commerce, machine learning, AI, and digital, marketing skills are in-demand, especially across beauty, health, and wellness. “If you have a really strong tech background or experience within digital, that can really be valuable to a lot of beauty companies and personal care brands,” Viana says.

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