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Posted October 14th

eCommerce and Sales Strategy Manager Florida

Miami, Florida

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Posted October 14th

eCommerce and Sales Strategy Manager Florida

Miami, Florida

What You Need To Know


The number one strategic objective for SGWS is to have world-class sales and marketing 
capabilities. As a valued lead on the corporate Commercial Operations team, the Digital Trade 
Development and Sales Strategy Manager will act as the champion and primary partner for one 
of SGWS’s priority suppliers, Pernod Ricard USA (PRUSA) in the goal of accelerating PRUSA’s 
sales through ProofCommerce. He or she is responsible for providing strategic 
recommendations, managing digital trade marketing initiatives and digital advertising on the 
SGWS Proof eCommerce site. This role will work in partnership primarily with PRUSA’s 
eCommerce team, SG Proof Team and SG New Ventures (B2C eCommerce) Team. The role 
will also support the American Liberty Division (ALD) local market digital activation personnel in 
executing national priority programming on ProofCommerce such as Flash Sales and other 
promotional activities.

Primary Responsibilities

Sales Enablement (30%)
o Maintain the knowledge infrastructure between PRUSA and SGWS as it related 
to ProofCommerce activities to enable cross-functional teams (e.g., expansion 
strategies, account segmentation, sales & performance data)
o Provision available reporting and insights on eComm and non-eComm sales 
channel behaviors, helping to combine various sources of information where 
o Work with the SG Proof and PRUSA Digital & Distributor Partnership teams to 
stay up-to-date on new digital marketing, eCommerce, and CRM functionality 
and leverage all capabilities for supplier brand building efforts
• Supplier Management (20%): Act as the champion for PRUSA’s digital business by 
creating the right connections, access to necessary data and providing strategic 
recommendations on how to drive PRUSA sales via Proof. Must develop strong 
understanding of PRUSA business and nuances of account behavior on- and off-line. 
• Digital Sales Activities (20%): Facilitate planning, design, and implementation of all 
PRUSA/ALD corporate driven digital sales activities on SGWS Proof eCommerce site 
o Collaborative planning to execute national and local sales programs via 
ProofCommerce (i.e. sales incentives, goals, funding allocation)
o Clear and customized communication of B2B enabled programming 
roadmap/calendar to key stakeholders
o Execution support of digital marketing campaigns thru SG Proof Marketing 
including campaign planning and analytics support including coordination with 
supplier to ensure delivery of marketing assets
• Communication and Syndication (20%)
o Deeply understand how sales teams are using ProofCommerce to interact with 
retailers and provide strategic recommendations to PRUSA on how to optimize 
those customer touchpoints o Lead national digital trade marketing program communications, supplier 
meetings, and business review/planning meetings.
o Act as the gatekeeper for all state requests for assets/promotional materials 
required to support B2B eCommerce efforts
o Serve as a B2B training support for ALD local market commercial teams
• Digital Shelf Acceleration: (10%): Ensure digital assets required to support B2B 
platforms are secured and deployed in timely fashion to support day-to-day B2B 
experience, reflect supplier commercial priorities and drive PRUSA/ALD corporate 
established sales initiatives. (i.e. brand landing page hygiene maintenance, seasonal 
rotation of supplier supplied creative)

Miami, Florida