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Posted January 27th

Head Distiller/Production Manager

Greenville, SC

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Posted January 27th

Head Distiller/Production Manager

Greenville, SC




Senior Level


Full Time

About The Position
Six and Twenty Distillery is in search of a Head Distiller/Production Manager. 

Our operations are located in beautiful upstate South Carolina.  We are in a vibrant and growing community that's perfect for professionals.  We have a close-knit and growing team that is making great strides in the craft distillery space, and we're ready to add more leaders.  We believe in an ethical workspace, clear communication, respect for our customers and most of all, enjoying what we do.

The candidate we seek matches those values and has had management and production lead experience.   A minimum of 2 years distilling is required. 

The Head Distiller will lead the entire production effort and must be fluent in all manner of grain-in, column distillation. We run reasonably sophisticated automated systems and as a result, the leader will need strong mechanical aptitude, attention to detail and a curiosity to learn and understand more.  We hold communication skills at a premium and expect any candidate to be able to interact professionally with peers, staff, suppliers and customers. 

Main Duties/Responsibilities: 

·     Mash, distill, manage inventory, participate and supervise bottling when necessary

·     Set up, operate, clean and maintain primary and ancillary equipment

·     Maintain production schedules, material inventory and aging vessels/inventory

·     Supervise, manage and train team members on all required production skills

·     Maintain and supervise safe work practices 

·      Maintain records as required

To include: 

·       Perform daily quality assurance/quality control responsibilities  

·       Manage inventory and keep detailed records 

·       Perform all duties within compliance of safety policy and OSHA standards

·       Operate heavy machinery, such as fork lift and box truck

·       Proof, blend, barrel, and bottle all types of spirits 

·       Create, follow, and maintain SOPs

Skills and Experience

·       A mind for safety, a natural curiosity and an ability to learn new skills are the strongest assets

·       Strong communication skills with team members at several locations 

·       Multitaskers only! The work involves processes operating concurrently. 

·       Must be able to lift 55 lbs. 

·       Valid driver’s license with a good driving record.

·       Bachelors Degree or higher preferred 

·       21 years of age or older 

·       Candidates should have substantial mechanical/electrical/hydraulic/plumbing know how. 

So What's In It For Me?

Compensation is commensurate with experience, naturally
Paid benefits include medical, dental and vision insurance
Short and long term disability insurance
Smiles.  Lots and lots of smiles.

Greenville, SC
Function Details
  • Reports To Owner
  • Direct Reports 3-5