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Posted June 4th

Key Account Manager - South Central Region - Texas

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Posted June 4th

Key Account Manager - South Central Region - Texas






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About The Position
Job Overview:
The Key Account Manager is responsible for helping to achieve SUSA’s sales and distribution goals by developing, selling and executing distribution and promotion programs within retail (both ON and OFF-Premise) chain accounts, as assigned.  The Key Account Manager’s focus will be on achieving goals through establishing and maintaining effective relationships with key retail decision makers (District Managers, Buyers, Store Managers, etc.) and key wholesaler support staff to drive retail execution.

Retail Sales:
  • The KAM works closely with SUSA Regional Sales Managers (ASM’s) and District Managers (DM’s).  It is the KAM’s responsibility to understand all elements of the Wholesaler Annual Plans that apply to the markets in the KAM’s assigned territory.
  • The KAM is responsible for developing relationships with and calling on retail chain accounts as assigned by the Director Key Accounts.
  • Relationships within these assigned chains will be as broad as is necessary and may include areas such as Prospecting, Presenting, Merchandising, Marketing, Operations, Finance, etc.  
  • Working with the Director Key Accounts, the KAM will develop sales, distribution and promotion objectives that are consistent with the objectives outlined in the Wholesaler Annual Plans.  However, specific National Accounts distribution and promotion objectives are independent of the Wholesaler Annual Plan objectives.
  • The KAM will develop presentations that are retailer benefit driven, fact based, and provide retail solutions for the proposed SUSA initiative.
  • The focus of all KAM sales efforts will be on gaining new SUSA Brands distribution, improving SUSA space and position on shelf, or obtaining promotional programs for SUSA brands.
  • Case or keg sales, distribution (placements) and/or display objectives should be developed for all major programs.  These should be shared upfront with appropriate SUSA Field Sales personnel, Retailer and Wholesaler personnel.  This helps to focus all parties on the same objectives.  
Retail Execution:
  • Once account activity has been sold in, the KAM is responsible for the following:
  • Whenever possible, obtain letters of authorization for all new distribution and promotion activities.
  • Distribute authorization letters to appropriate SUSA Field Sales and Wholesaler Sales personnel to facilitate execution. 
  • In addition to authorization letters, communicate all program details including dates, package, pricing, space, location and display details to SUSA Field Sales and Wholesaler Sales Management.
  • Develop program objectives, program execution expectations and program execution plans for all major programs.  
  • Communicate the program execution plans, expectations and objectives to SUSA Field Sales and Wholesaler Sales Management.
  • Develop any necessary sell sheets or other selling tools that the Wholesaler Sales force may need for executing at store or outlet level. 
  • Assist Wholesalers as needed in selling-in the program at store or outlet level.
  • The KAM tracks retail execution of major programs by visiting retail locations.  These retail visits have these objectives:
  • Gain insight into the effectiveness of the SUSA program(s) (Distribution, Display, Shelf Placement, Pricing, and Inventory/Parr level status)
  • Gain insights into competitive activities and uncovering additional SUSA opportunities
  • If poor program execution is discovered, the KAM is responsible for resolving the problem using the most effective and appropriate communication and follow-up measures. 
  • Following the end of a major sales initiative, the KAM is responsible for analyzing and evaluating the success of the program.  These evaluations are based on the objectives established for the program up-front.  Effort should be made to explain performance that is significantly positive or negative as compared to the initial objectives.
  • These results should be reported back to the Director Key Accounts, appropriate SUSA Field Sales, the Retailer, and/or Wholesaler with the objective of driving continuous learning and improvement.
  • Manages Travel and Expense budgets to maximize personal effectiveness while working within SUSA guidelines
  • Working with the Director Key Accounts, develops weekly and monthly schedules
  • Keeps track of daily activities and calls and files weekly activity reports with the Director Key Accounts through KARMA or VIP-iDigg.  These activities are tracked in conjunction with the Wholesaler Annual Plans.
  • Tracks chain level category ad and promotion activity through KARMA and/or VIP-iDigg.
  • Develops and maintains profiles on all accounts and individuals called on in KARMA.  These profiles include:
  • Contact information
  • Account details such as store counts and locations
  • The account’s goals and objectives
  • The account’s marketing and merchandising tactics and strategies
  • Completes other duties as assigned
Critical Skills
  • Communication, planning and organization
  • Time management
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Strong collaborator and team player
  • Presentation and sell-sheet development
  • Understands and works comfortably with retail Scan data 
  • Strong interpersonal relationship and presentation delivery
  • Problem identification and problem solving
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Project management
  • Project execution
  • Sales analysis
Preferred Experience
  • Business Undergrad degree preferable
  • Graduate degree in any business discipline is a plus
  • Extensive experience working with beer/beverage supplier, wholesaler and retailer sales tiers
  • Selling at the Buyer and retail account levels
  • Strong PC skills including MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Word
  • Experienced in developing and executing innovative programs at retail
  • Knowledge of both the ON and OFF-Premise channels
  • Sales and business analysis
  • Experience analyzing IRI or Nielsen scan data reports is a plus
  • Experience using Space Management software is a plus
  • Retail opportunity identification and solution-based selling
Function Details
  • Reports To Director of Key Accounts