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Posted December 6th

Software Architect

Atlanta, Georgia

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Posted December 6th

Software Architect

Atlanta, Georgia








The Software Architect oversees the overall design and direction of the software ecosystem managed by the Application Development team. This role ensures that applications meet business requirements and systems goals and fulfill business and customer requirements. This role is responsible for reviewing and analyzing existing applications effectiveness and efficiency, then developing strategies for improving or leveraging these systems. This role will cultivate and disseminate knowledge of application-usage best practices.


• Creates, models, and prototypes to serve as a development road map.

• Analyzes solutions across the enterprise to determine optimal operating efficiency.

• Develops coding standards and best practices for developers.

• Provides artifacts detailing existing or planned software systems at all levels.

• Participates in discussions with other architects

• Manages design process for application software.

• Continually evaluates emerging technologies for new or alternative solutions and makes targeted recommendations in support of business objectives.

• Provides leadership with the development teams in both direction and "on the ground" systems efforts.


Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university preferred; ten or more years related experience. Must have experience with system modeling, presentations and high-level architecture design. Knowledge of a variety of business software, including accounting, database, design, development, human resources and payroll, internet, inventory, order processing, and the Office 365 suite of applications. Experience with UML; language agnostic, able to pick up any modern programming language; database technologist, SQL and NoSQL; cloud architecture (Azure and AWS); HTML5; CSS; Visio.

We are an Equal Opportunity employer.
Atlanta, Georgia