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Posted November 16th

Shift Distiller/Brewer

Columbus, OH


Middle West Spirits



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Posted November 16th

Shift Distiller/Brewer

Columbus, OH




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Full Time

About The Position
Middle West Spirits seeks a full-time distillery team member for shift distillation and brewing.
Middle West Spirits Job Opening

FTE: Shift Distiller/Brewer

Employment Opportunity

Middle West Spirits seeks a full-time distillery team member for shift distillation and brewing.

Job Description:

Middle West Spirits is seeking a full-time employee to aid in distillation, brewery production and facility operations. 

Primary job responsibility will be to operate with the distillery team on a rotating shift distilling and brewing. 

Daily responsibilities to include but are not limited to: wort production, primary and finish distillation as well as finished goods operations.  

Special focus to include sanitary operations surrounding daily production of mash, distilled spirits and finished goods.   

Additional responsibilities include aiding the plant manager with development of workplace quality control and sanitary standards and preparing Federal TTB regulation compliance.  

Experience Required: 

Our ideal candidate should have at least 3 years of experience in one of the following fields. 

-        Beer production
-        Distillation production 
-        Plant process development and controls operation surrounding food production

Additional requirements:

-        Be willing to work in a startup environment 
-        Must have extensive experience using Microsoft Office products
-        Self-motivated individual
-        Mechanical skills
-        Comfortable interacting with customers on a daily basis
-        Food manufacturing or laboratory/hands-on experience is a plus
-        Plant operation control is a plus
-        Must be 21 years of age or older  
-        Minimal travel


Working Environment 

The position will be required to function in a distillation and brewery facility and/or warehouse environment. The individual will be exposed to the following conditions:

-           Loud noise

-           Machinery with moving parts

-           Variable temperatures on occasion


Essential functions of the Position

-           Ability to lift 60 pounds frequently

-           Will be required to stand, twist, bend, reach and walk for extended periods of time

-           Must be able to climb multiple stairs frequently

-           Must be able to verbally communicate with employees and customers and to respond to verbal commands from others
-           Must perform manual dexterity to operate a computer and other job-related equipment

-           Must be able to read and deciph 
Columbus, OH
Function Details
  • Reports To Plant Manager