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Posted November 3rd

Bounty Hunter (Side Hustle)

Seattle, WA

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Posted November 3rd

Bounty Hunter (Side Hustle)

Seattle, WA









About The Position
Indulj is a brewery software startup that has been quickly growing bigger than the southeastern market we were conceived in, and thus, we are seeking motivated sales people, and folks interested in getting into sales, to become our lead generation team, or our Bounty Hunters. Whether you’ve spent your career in beer, and alcohol, or you’re just interested in trying your hand at cold calling for a cool company, this position is a great way to get experience, make money, and have fun meeting folks in the brewing industry.

An ideal candidate is someone who appreciates craft beer and alcohol as a business, and a tool to build community, and has no problem speaking with people. For this position, you do need to have access to a phone, and the internet, and a good attitude. It’s a definite bonus if you know brewery owners, or managers, as you can get your foot in the door much easier. Indulj is a company based on the idea that relationships should be the basis of all community, and thus, we try to embody those values in our company culture as well. We are a startup, so we all work from our home offices, and zoom weekly to check in.

Your main goal is to get demos booked for our sales team, and to have the leads you generate be as warm to the idea as possible. Our Bounty Hunter Coordinator will be your point person, and will get your information sorted in the CRM at first. You book them, we cook them.

For now, this position is a contractor position with $50 per confirmed demo, and an additional $200 per closed brewery. The best part is that you can work from home, or on the go, and a day at the office becomes a day having drinks with cool people in cool places. 

JOB COMPENSATION:  This is a pure commission gig and there’s no maximum.  Please make all the money you can! You’ll receive the following: 
  • $50 for every confirmed demo.  
  • $200 for every closed call (Sale).  
Note: Payments will be made once a month

  • Coordinate meetings between brewery owners, appropriate marketing personnel, or tap room decision makers
  • Prospect new business by determining potential opportunities in the craft beer community in their designated territory  
  • Coordinate with Indulj Chief Commercial Officer and Sales Operations to insure clear focus on targeted breweries with established clear path to close
  • Bi-weekly 30 minute to one hour call with Chief Commercial Officer and Sales Operations in order to determine how Indulj can support pipeline
  • Ability to communicate effectively with team on next steps on progress

  • Heavy network in local craft beer including decision makers at all levels
  • Ability to communicate the value propositions of Indulj (this should take about 45 minutes to figure out...if you can’t do it, well….)
  • Strong communication and organizational skills with the ability to interact effectively
  • Understanding of Microsoft Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint 
  • A passionate advocacy for craft beer with a deep network

Seattle, WA
Function Details
  • Reports To Chief Commercial Officer