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Posted February 10th

Co-founder / Hustler / General Manager at Established Plant Based CPG

New York

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Foreal Foods (formerly Cocoburg LLC)


Production and Manufacturing and Supplier



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Posted February 10th

Co-founder / Hustler / General Manager at Established Plant Based CPG

New York




Entry Level


Full Time

About The Position
Once in a career opportunity to become co-founder in a well established, post-revenue small business!
Hustler / Co-Founder / General Manager

This is not a normal position and as such - COVER LETTER REQUIRED. It is also not a senior position, if you only have a couple years experience that's great!

Permanent position open for immediate hiring. Local NYC candidates preferred, exceptional remote candidates considered.

Welcome to the world of Foreal Foods, creators of the world’s first Vegan Coconut Jerky and an ever expanding line of innovative plant based products!

Foreal Foods (formerly Cocoburg) is an established CPG company at a make it or break it juncture. Though we have some amazing momentum with major distribution with UNFI, Whole Foods, and 100s of other natural retailers, we’re still a tiny company with huge growth potential. This is an extremely unique opportunity for someone with a lot of hustle to get in on the ground floor of a small brand ready to make some noise in the fastest growing categories of the food/CPG world.

You’ll be working closely with Seth (the original founder), Mohammed (the operations director) and a wide array of interns, brokers, consultants, distributors, and freelancers that make our company tick.

Your mission is simple: grow the company 10x in 2020! We’re an established business that’s very close to profit, most of the hard work and details of getting this company going have already been taken care of, but there is still A LOT to do. We want someone to bring fresh eyes to the situation, a whole lot of passion and hustle, and to take the reigns and see where you can push this company. We have a ton of knowledge from past experiences, a solid product road map, and a lot of momentum - where can you bring us?

We want you to fully step up as a co-founder and general manager here - you will be primarily responsible for running this business. Mohammed will take care of the day to day, inventory, operations strategy, and logistics, but you’ll be making the big decisions, taking the sales calls, managing the broker team, and bringing the hustle to blow this up!

This position comes with a real equity chunk - you need to have real skin in the game. I won’t sugar coat this - your base salary will be low, but your potential upside is huge, both in long term equity potential and short term bonus/commission. That said this should not be viewed as a sales job. 

Beyond comp, the biggest selling point in this position is the experience itself. The opportunity to become a co-founder in an established business is like striking gold, you won’t likely see something like this again in your career. If you want to start your own business down the line, this is a paid opportunity to learn the ropes in the real world.

Is this you?!?
  • You’re ready to be an entrepreneur and a co-founder - this is a HUGE responsibility 
  • You’re proactive, you take initiative - we’re too small to micromanage you, so you gotta be good at figuring out what you should be doing and hitting it hard without a task master pushing you
  • You’re a hustler - you know how to find the right people, how to get them on the phone/in the meeting, what to say, and how to close the deal
  • You’re supportive of the clean / natural food movement Foreal Foods represents -- you don’t have to be vegan, but you should be stoked on the clean eating movement!
  • You have some experience in food/CPG (experience in natural channel strongly preferred, understanding what I mean by “the natural channel” required)
  • You have the ability and willingness to sit around in the office all day working on a computer and making phone calls and looking at spreadsheets
  • You’re amiable and you like people - we don’t have to be best friends, but you need to get along with the rest of the team
Sound like what you’re looking for? Apply here with a cover letter and your resume or LinkedIn profile and let’s talk! 
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, New York
Function Details
  • Reports To Board / Founder
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