We all have different career goals: some of us want to climb to the top of the corporate ladder, some want to achieve a perfect work-life balance, and others are focused on getting their businesses off the ground. But regardless of our ultimate career goals, one thing that’s universal among those in the workforce is a desire to be successful at what we do, whatever that may be.

Chances are you’ve read dozens of articles in your tenure as a member of the workforce, all of which offered different tips and strategies for being the most successful employee you can be. Things like time management, setting tangible goals, branding yourself, and frequent networking tend to be the most highly touted methods for success. But new research shows that success may not be dependent on any of those old strategies after all. Instead, friendship might be the key to success at work.

New research reported by Thrive Global reveals that work friendships can bring a multitude of benefits, including higher productivity and overall well-being. Gallup surveyed 15 million employees from around the world and found that those who reported having friends at work were seven times more likely to be engaged with the work that they do, producing higher quality results and feeling more fulfilled by their jobs. On the flip side, those who reported having no best friend at work had only a 1-in-12 chance at being engaged in work-related tasks.

Additionally, having friends at work may help prevent burnout (a major concern for employees at all levels). Those who have at least one best friend at work generally have lower levels of stress and higher motivation, both key factors in staving off burnout. It turns out that those extra 15 minutes spent socializing by the water cooler each day may actually have some major benefits for your long-term happiness.

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