Summer may be winding down, but it’s not over just yet. Catch up on the season’s hottest snacks, revitalizing beverages, boozy sips, beachy beauty products, and more. We’ve compiled our list of top picks from our team experts.

BeautyForce Picks
These summer basics include a sunscreen, a light powder, a hair product to maintain beachy waves, and more.

1. Glossier 
Glossier launched a clear sunscreen Invisible Shield and a new powder, Wowder, this season. Founder Emily Weiss was recently featured on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top young millionaires.

2. OUAI 
OUAI launched Memory Mist, which has the ability to keep your waves for up to three days. This brand comes from Jen Atkin, celebrity stylist and “IT” girl. It’s no wonder she made our ‘it list.’

3. Vital Proteins
This brand features a wide variety of collagen protein powders and supplements to tackle beauty from within. Their mission to help people live better, fuller lives is fueled by delivering an essential nutrient that is often stripped from our diets. And the best part is that they’ve designed their products to fit any lifestyle ― the majority of their formulas are odorless and tasteless powders that dissolve instantly.

4. Bioderma 
Bioderma’s Micellar Water cleanser is on everyone’s top shelf. Their cleanser is a must-have summer beauty product. Why? It’s gentle, incredibly effective, and bonus: it’s affordable (~$10-15 per bottle). They have a cleanser for every skin type.

5. Schmidt’s Naturals
Millennials are switching to natural deodorant a la Agent Natuer, a more luxurious odor-fighting deodorant. Try it for yourself to beat the summer heat.

BevForce Picks 
From healthy ginger shots to tropical craft ciders, here are some must-sips of the season.

1. Health-Ade Kombucha 
The Kombucha craze may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still hooked on it. Sip on this version from a brand built by three entrepreneurial individuals, who set out to make the best tasting and highest quality Kombucha around.

2. Austin Eastcider 
This innovative craft cider brand out of Austin is changing the way Americans think about cider ― guess what, it’s not supposed to be sweet. Founded by an Englishman and former cider bar owner, Ed Gibson is bringing his love for cider stateside. Try their well crafted Pineapple Cider for a taste of summer.

The name is an acronym for roots, extracts, berries, bark, and leaves, but don’t let that deter you from opening up one of these super herb elixirs made with coconut milk. Their flavors include Matcha Latte, Turmeric Lemon Tart, Vanilla Spice, and more. There’s also a Reisi Chocolate flavor that’s branded as ‘drinkable dark chocolate’ ― need we say more?

4. Campari 
“Campari is on fire right now,” says one of our executive recruiters who specializes in the wine and spirits world. According to the Italian drinks group, the liquor has achieved nearly 7 percent organic growth in the first half of 2017. Enjoy this bittersweet crimson red aperitif in signature cocktails like the Negroni.

5. Whispering Angel 
We’d be remiss not to include rosé wine on this list. According to Nielsen, 40 percent of rosé drinkers are females between the ages of 21-34 and likely live in New York City and Miami. The viral social media hashtag #RoseAllDay (now the name of a wine brand) has spawned ideas like frosé (yes way, frozen rosé) and portable rosé drinking pouches (think Capri Sun). Whispering Angel ― regarded by its maker Château d’Esclans as ‘the world’s greatest rosé’ ― is our pick if we had to #RoseAllDay. The wine celebrated its 10-year birthday this year, so that’s reason enough to pour a glass and cheers to its success.

FoodForce Picks 
Explore the best-selling ice cream in America, a celebrity-endorsed chickpea snack, and more.

1. Kite Hill
This brand has made waves with its dairy-free alternatives to yogurts, drinks, pastas, and more. The company began with a vision for a plant-based food that would have all the qualities of the best artisan dairy cheeses, and has achieved that and so much more. Make your summer even healthier by going dairy-free with Kite Hill.

2. Banza 
Move over, hummus, chickpeas are taking a dip into pasta. Banza produces chickpea pasta made in a variety of shapes. It’s high-fiber and high-protein content makes it ideal for those looking for a healthier lower-carb alternative to whole wheat pastas. So go ahead, up your pasta salad game this summer. Did someone say beach picnic?

3. Freshly 
Ready-to-eat frozen meals delivered directly to your doorstep is not a new concept. This brand, however, delivers and cooks the meals that you select. They’re well-portioned and well-seasoned. Needless to say, all the meal options are made with fresh and healthy ingredients.

4. Halo Top 
Go ahead, eat the whole pint. That’s the premise behind this protein-packed ‘healthy’ ice cream that’s been flying off the shelves. In August, it surpassed legacy brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs to become America’s best-selling pint, according to multiple reports. It’s creamy and packed with flavor (they’re continually launching new ones, too… Pumpkin Pie for autumn, anyone?).

Pass the organic chickpea puffs, please. HIPPEAS is one of the fastest-growing natural snack food companies and for good reason. The light and crunchy snacks are loaded with protein and fiber, and what’s more, they’ve received an investment endorsement from Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Photo Credit: Blake Wisz