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    We Asked ChatGPT About Top Creator Brands; Here’s What It Said

    While the initial hype around ChatGPT may have subsided, it’s still very much a thing. As the creator economy continues to grow, we’re eager to ask the popular AI chatbot more questions about the space. We asked, “What are the top creator brands?” and ChatGPT seemed to avoid pointing to specific companies. Instead, it referenced platforms […]

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    We Talked to ChatGPT About Creators and Creator Brands; Here’s What Happened

    Hi ChatGPT! Let’s talk about creators. Sure, I’d be happy to talk about creators! What specifically would you like to discuss? What is a creator? A creator is someone who makes something original or innovative. They can be artists, musicians, writers, designers, programmers, inventors, or anyone who produces something new and unique. Creators can work […]