Husband-and-wife duo Woody Hambrecht and Helena Price Hambrecht are disrupting the beverage industry with a first-of-its-kind direct-to-consumer alcoholic beverage brand. Sold online and delivered directly to drinkers, Haus is an apéritif that’s meeting the needs of millennials who have considerably different drinking habits from older generations.

“Millennials (who, by the way, are now between 21 and their late thirties) are highly driven by health and their image — they don’t want to put sketchy ingredients in their body, they don’t want a ton of calories, and they don’t want to get wasted or hungover,” the two founders and co-CEOs said. “Our products have one-third of the alcohol found in whiskey or vodka. They also have a fraction of the sugar of popular liquors like Aperol or Campari. They are made with natural ingredients that are grown on our farm in Sonoma County, nothing sketchy or artificial. It’s a brand created by millennials instead of a corporation.”

Newly launched, the founders are keeping busy. Read on to learn how they Start It Sunday and make their weeks as productive as possible.

Woody Hambrecht and Helena PriceQ: What does your Sunday routine look like?
A: If we’re on the farm, we typically wake up when our 1-year-old daughter does, around 7:30, grab some eggs from the chicken coup, and cook breakfast. We try to save Sundays for family time — we’ll either hang on the farm, visit San Francisco, or do a road trip for the day. Once our daughter goes to sleep, we’ll usually end up on our laptops preparing for the work week.

Q: How do you approach the start of each work week?
A: As entrepreneurs, it’s hard to know when a workweek starts and ends. That said, we like to start our week by setting priorities — it’s a good way to make sure we’re all aligned on our goals and that we’ll get the most productivity out of our week.

Q: What are some tips for motivating on Monday?
A: Do the stuff you’re dreading the most, first. When you’re done, you’ll feel a huge weight off of your shoulders and the rest of the week will feel like a breeze.

Stay tuned next week to learn more about Haus and its founding story in our exclusive interview with Hambrecht and Price Hambrecht.

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