Working for a genuine leader can transform your career, fast-track your professional development, and elevate your standards for future management.

According to employee survey system OfficeVibe, three out of four employees report that their boss is the worst and most stressful part of their job. Perhaps this explains why 86 percent of companies say developing new leaders is an “urgent” need, Deloitte insights reveal.

In a popular LinkedIn article, “A great boss is hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget,” author Brigette Hyacinth reminisces about a fantastic former manager who was her first model of true leadership.

Here are a few lessons she learned about what real leadership looks like in action.

1. Integrity and Authenticity
A leader can’t possess one of these character traits without embodying the other — integrity and authenticity are two sides of the same coin. A great leader is honest with their team, even when it means having a tough conversation, and they’re not afraid to voice unpopular opinions when necessary. They stand by their decisions and take accountability for results — in other words, they’re willing to take one for the team.

2. Humility
Leadership shouldn’t be an ego trip — great leaders are down to earth, and they should make it clear that employees are welcome to approach them with questions and concerns. Even though they’re in a position of power, they are not on a power trip.

3. Empathy
A memorable leader will have a high level of emotional intelligence. If someone on their team is struggling, they’re willing to dig deep in order to understand why, and they’re understanding and patient when an employee opens up to them about a problem.

4. Communication Skills
To succeed as a great leader, excellent communication skills are paramount. A memorable leader will be able to explain exactly what their vision is and how they want to see it executed. They make their expectations clear from the very beginning, and they’ll let you know what they want to see you contribute. You won’t be playing guessing games or wondering what they need — you’ll be informed every step of the way, and your feedback will be appreciated.

5. Inspirational
True leaders don’t berate employees or criticize them for their weaknesses — instead, they aim to positively motivate their team by using encouraging words and phrases and bringing out their individual strengths. Their objective is to foster optimism and a sense of team spirit to achieve better results.

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