Whether you’ve been working at your job for numerous years or are a recent college graduate about to begin your first real job, we all have to make room in our closets for our professional clothing. Even if you’re a self-proclaimed fashionista, achieving a professional outfit that also shows off your personality can be difficult to maintain. No matter if you’re in need of a professional clothing refresh or are building your business wardrobe from scratch, read on to discover tips on how to keep your work apparel consistent.

1. Make Use of What You Already Have
Even if you may not see it yourself, chances are that you already have clothing within your closet that would be great for the office. It’s easy for us to gravitate toward certain pieces within our closet but if you look a little harder, you’re guaranteed to find something of use. Set aside time within your day or night to go through each article of clothing in your closet that you could envision wearing to work. Doing this will help save a lot of time and searching in the end and may even help you realize the pieces in your closet that you no longer need.

2. Nail Down Your Essentials
Everybody has their work essentials. Whether it’s a certain cut of work pants or shoes, nail down those investment pieces that you know you’ll get much use of. Most likely, this will consist of a couple of staple shirts, a few pairs of pants, and a few blazers and/or cardigans. Nailing down at least 15 work wardrobe essentials will help to make your dressing for everyday work much easier. When in need of essentials, it’s highly effective to do your research and find brands that won’t only be a staple in your closet but are also known for their quality, giving you the best for your money. You’re most likely to find some of the best essentials online at clothing stores like Express. As they have been recognized as a quality store with great clothing options, you may want to consider shopping at Express for some of your essentials. If you prefer not to shop online, the next great place to find your essentials is through the outlet malls.

3. Have Your Statement Pieces
If you want to showcase a bit of personality into each and every one of your outfits, it’s important that you make an investment in a few key signature pieces. These statement pieces can range from accessories to signature shirts to a show stopper coat. If you’re in need of a new work bag or a swaggy pair of statement shoes, fashion brand Coach might be the right choice for you. Since Coach happens to be on the pricier end, a great way to save some money is by shopping for secondhand Coach items online, giving you great quality for an even greater price. As statement pieces are meant to be exactly that, you’ll likely only need a few pieces within your closet that you can wear year-round, helping to keep your wardrobe consistent throughout the year. Finding those pieces that are both work appropriate and show off your personality will help keep your wardrobe not only consistent but also consistently you.

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