Nowhere are natural product trends more apparent than at Expo West, the world’s largest industry trade show for natural, organic, and healthy products. This year’s show took place in Anaheim, Calif., on March 8-11 in an event that brought together innovative brands to showcase their latest and greatest new products.

Hosted by New Hope Network, 2018’s show revealed the newest trends that are dominating the natural products space. We checked in with New Hope Network’s  SVP of Content and Insights, Carlotta Mast, to learn more about how these trends are affecting the CPG industry.

“The CPG industry is really moving toward a natural, organic, and functional products market,” Mast told ForceBrands exclusively.

It’s no secret that plant-based products are changing the future of food.

“[Plant-based] products have become so good that they’re attracting consumers who are not necessarily vegetarian or vegan,” Mast said. “There are so many more choices for us to reduce our animal product consumption.”

When it came to identifying top natural product trends, Mast spoke about the idea of transcendental transparency and how consumers are starting to pay more attention to labels.

Of the three natural products trends Mast highlighted, she’s most excited about ancient wisdom.

“One of the trends I’m most excited about is something that we call ancient wisdom,” Mast said. “It’s this idea that consumers are getting back to basics — they’re really starting to have a growing awareness of how important what they put in and on their bodies is to their overall health.”

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