It may only come around once a year but we like to celebrate mothers all year long. To honor all moms and the often unsung work that they do each and every day, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite child-inspired food brands. 

From organic, allergen-prevention oatmeal for babies to reimagined childhood favorites with hidden veggies, these companies are offering innovative products for the newest generation. Read on to explore some of our favorite mom-approved food brands: ByHeart, KidFresh, Ready, Set, Food!, and Yumi.


Yumi is on a mission to reimagine baby food. The company offers fresh, organic and nutritious baby food delivered directly to consumers weekly. Co-Founder Angela Sutherland teamed up with longtime friend and journalist Evelyn Rusli to support parents with nutrition-first meals and snacks for babies and toddlers with enriching content tailored to every developmental milestone. According to the company’s website, “They believe it is Yumi’s responsibility — and the responsibility of all food companies — to lead with science, to nourish with real foods, and to fight for a better tomorrow.”


Described as ‘the mother of all formulas,’ ByHeart is revolutionizing baby nutrition. Founders Ron Belldegrun and Mia Funt, who founded the company in 2016 and launched their first infant formula this past March, realized that breast milk research was moving faster than new product innovation. Together, they embarked on a five-year journey to create an infant food with no compromises. They teamed up with world-class doctors, pediatric researchers, seasoned formula experts, dedicated blendmasters, quality obsessives, regulatory veterans, data wonks, storytellers, designers, and passionate parents to build ByHeart and empower parents everywhere to feel happier and more confident about their feeding decisions.

Ready, Set, Food!

Ready, Set, Food! was inspired by the fact that every 100 seconds, a baby in America gets a food allergy. To solve for this, a group of physicians, scientists, parents, and entrepreneurs teamed up to create a line of first-of-its-kind allergen prevention products. Ready, Set, Food! offers the only complete early allergen introduction system in the form of mix-ins and organic oatmeal that takes the work, confusion, and fear out of doing something really important for the health of your baby. The company’s mission is to help babies have healthier futures, free from the limits of food allergies. 


Founder Matt Cohen launched KidFresh in 2007 with the goal of revolutionizing the frozen food aisle for kids. From meals to snacks, each product offers healthier alternatives to childhood classics, like macaroni and cheese with carrot puree. All of the products are frozen to lock in nutrients and flavors and extend the shelf life of the food. KidFresh is all about “nutrition on a mission” and uses only wholesome ingredients that are minimally processed without artificial additives.