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Starting a new job can be stressful, no matter the position, responsibilities, or company. From meeting new coworkers, navigating a new office space, to building strong relationships with your immediate team, transitioning is not an easy task.

According to a survey conducted by Debut Careers, most new hires take anywhere from two to three months to adjust to a new workplace and start feeling comfortable being themselves.

Easing into a new work environment takes time. We checked in with one of ForceBrands’ newest team members to learn how they’ve adjusted to life at Force. Luke LaClair, a Digital Client Strategist, started working at ForceBrands in April.

A welcoming and friendly environment helps you settle more easily into a job and motivates you to become more successful at what you do, LaClair says. If you are in a healthy work environment, you are going to be better at your job.

“Everybody here, regardless if they were on my team or not, was so welcoming to me during that first week,” he says about his smooth transition joining ForceBrands.

ForceBrands announces new team members during weekly company-wide Monday morning meetings. The company also has a tradition of introducing new hires via email to allow other team members to connect directly with new hires and introduce themselves.

LaClair also says the team knew who he was before he arrived to work on his first day, which made him feel more welcomed entering a new work environment. His team and manager took him out for lunch — a popular ForceBrands ritual — to get to know him better and bond outside of work.

That is another thing LaClair mentioned: he and other employees made a consistent effort to be more than just co-workers. LaClair says he aims to be close to his colleagues outside of work.

His Digital Sales team also hosts separate meetings, which are LaClair’s favorite thing. Every morning at 9:30, they get together to talk about their day ahead and the previous day — both the highs and the lows of it, any blockers they had, and goals they have for the day.

“Even though it’s only 20-25 minutes, it’s so collaborative and welcoming that you get to know everybody on a personal level, not just from the colleague-to-colleague standpoint,” LaClair says. “They made me feel at home from the moment I got here on my first day.”

ForceBrands also helps the entire team bond through activities, such as going on boat cruises, participating in team sports, hosting holiday parties, and celebrating birthdays, engagements, and promotions.

“It’s the little team activities that make it so much easier to adjust and transition yourself into a new environment,” LaClair says.

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