When you start a company at the beginning of a recession, it has to be pretty incredible to survive. Inspira Marketing Group, an experiential marketing agency headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., has done more than that — it’s thrived.

When Jeff Snyder founded Inspira in 2008, he set out to create a different type of agency — one built on relationships and doing the right thing, where people came before profits, and where the team was passionate about the work they were doing (and had fun doing it!).

He wanted to build a company committed to optimism, excellence, and where innovation was at the forefront of company culture.

“I had been working at agencies for two decades and I saw them drowning in a sea of sameness. There was no clear differentiator in product or service and there was an increasing focus on the bottom line,” explained Snyder. “This was affecting everything: the people, the clients, and the work. I knew I could do better.”

And he did. Today, Inspira employs more than 375 people across the U.S. with satellite offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Its client roster includes some of the world’s leading brands including Jeep, American Express, National Geographic, and Microsoft. While Inspira is known for its award-winning work, it’s also recognized for its leadership in the business community through the Forbes Small Giants, Inc. 5000, and Entrepreneur 360. Inspira’s people-centered culture has placed it on several best places to work lists, including Best Places to Work in Events, and Best Places to Work in Connecticut.

Inspira Marketing Group Team

While most companies are lucky to have a clear vision, it’s Inspira’s reason for being that drives them to excel. Inspira’s purpose-driven culture was inspired by Snyder’s daughter, Kennedy, who struggled with childhood cancer. Part of the company’s mission includes donating a portion of its proceeds to fund childhood cancer research through Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. In the past decade, Inspira has donated more than $1 million to the cause and supports the charity through ongoing pro-bono marketing work. This culture of giving back has led to employee-led initiatives within our local communities that include providing underserved kids with school supplies, raising funds for an animal shelter, and volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Inspira Marketing Team

“I’ve been able to give back in ways I wouldn’t have imagined before working here, especially with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and local organizations I’m passionate about,” said Halle Gavrielidis, Senior Associate in Inspira’s Planning and Measurement department. “Knowing Inspira encourages and supports us in making an impact, no matter how big or small, makes what we do every day so much more rewarding and it’s why I’m most proud to be part of the team.”

Although they’re serious about doing extraordinary work and doing good in the world, they like to have fun, too. Inspira’s annual team summit, quarterly events — including an out of this world Halloween party and summer soiree on a private coastal island — are more than just a way to reward employees for their hard work; they strengthen relationships.

“Inspira is unquestionably a company that prioritizes relationships. This can be seen in the work we produce and in the way the company brings us together to connect and support one another as colleagues and friends,” said account assistant Brendan Hunt. “Inspira’s outings and events are always highly anticipated by the team and somehow each seems better, more immersive, more fun than the last. As a relatively new employee, I’ve always been excited to participate in these events and use them as ways to meet people from all facets of the company and to grow and strengthen my relationships within the company outside of the office’s day-to-day.”

Inspira Marketing Culture

What’s next for this innovative company? “We’re excited about the future. We live in an experience economy, so we feel uniquely positioned to work with brands that want to lead by offering consumers incredible, strategically-led experiences,” said Snyder. “And with, arguably, the best team in the business … the possibilities are endless.”

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