For many brands, Natural Products Expo West is an opportunity to showcase their latest products and innovations to a global audience. It’s also a time for teams to come together, network, and celebrate their hard work at the world’s largest industry trade show for natural, organic, and healthy products.

ForceBrands was excited to be on the ground to capture some of the incredible teams that are building some of the most innovative brands in beverage, food, beauty, and cannabis.

Last week, ForceBrands launched its inaugural #getEXPOsed campaign with the goal of getting 100 companies to share their team’s unique culture. A photo booth was set up at the trade show’s afterparty on Thursday, an event co-sponsored by ForceBrands.

Check out some highlights from the afterparty’s #getEXPOsed booth below.

Interested in joining our campaign? It’s easy:

1. Take a photo that captures your team’s unique culture and post it to Instagram
2. Tag @forcebrands and use #getEXPOsed in your caption
3. We’ll repost select images across our social platforms (those who describe their team’s culture in their captions have increased chances of being contacted for additional brand exposure opportunities)

ForceBrands is looking forward to bringing the campaign to Expo East this fall.