Your people are your superpower.

Research shows that when everyone thrives, the organization thrives. In this digital world where surface connections run supreme at our fingertips, real, heartfelt connection and meaningful relationships are few and far between.

We seem to have forgotten that people best respond to who we are and how we show up. Call it old school, but it’s how we make an impression. And when you show you care, you can create deeper connections that generate the real success and impact we are all destined to achieve.

In this age of information overload, emotional intelligence and the energy you bring are way more important than ‘what you know.’ And they are essential in building a culture of belonging.

As a leader at any level of management within an organization, the way you relate and connect with others measurably impacts your happiness and your success. The way you treat your people and those around you sets you apart and can either extinguish or empower the heartbeat of the culture you create.

The real return on investment today is all about the relationships you’re building and the emotional intelligence you’re cultivating within your organization. When you truly celebrate your people, they are moved to innovate, co-create, and collaborate on creative solutions.

As a society, we’ve lost touch with the heart of who we are; most people in the workplace ‘talk’ more in chat forums and on Slack than connect in person. With text replacing real conversation, the loneliness epidemic is growing faster than we can keep up with. Our longing to belong is very real, and our humanity is gravely at stake.

A brave heart revolution in leadership is what we desperately need now.

When we remember that connection is our greatest currency, we can empower the necessary action to turn the tides. When you take the time to really be with, listen to, and learn from those you are leading, working with, or talking to, you inspire them to show up fully and feel part of the greater whole. When people feel their contribution matters, you embolden them to give their best and everybody wins.

This is what true brave heart leadership looks like: less head, more heart. As we cultivate emotional resilience and connection, we get to remember what’s important and build the kind of heart bridges that withstand these ever-changing tides.

Being ‘heart strong’ is not soft — it’s just the opposite. It will keep you honest, agile, and empowered. Unlike what we’ve been taught to think, your heart is your best compass and the passionate source from which to lead with conviction.

As automation and technology continues to rapidly replace our human skills, emotional intelligence has never been more critical. Empowering the heart of your people is the leading edge and we are inspired to see what a shift it can make.

The HeartRise Method is a practical, science-based process that ignites the intelligence of the heart as a generative force to cultivate connection and empower innovation. When hearts are aligned and in-flow, you naturally create a culture of belonging — one where people want to be because they feel seen and appreciated. Their contribution counts.

The HeartRise Movement works with leading brands that understand how important this is in today’s fast-paced world. If your company or community would like to learn more, reach out to discover how HeartRise can support you.