‘A friend in weed is a friend indeed.’ That’s one of the campaign slogans for a new initiative, Friends in Weed, designed to help Colorado’s retail cannabis, restaurant, and hospitality industries cope during the COVID-19 crisis.

Founded by cannabis brands that wanted to do something to help the community, Friends in Weed aims to provide ongoing support to members of the cannabis and service industries. The founding members include Veritas, Olio, Cookies, and 1906.

We caught up with 1906’s Chief Marketing Officer Heather Larimer to learn more about the initiative and how you can get involved.

“I think we all want to do something,” Larimer told ForceBrands. “Cannabis is such a culture of sharing and generosity that it feels really authentic to have [an initiative] to share with different parts of our industry and community.”

Watch our exclusive interview with her below for more insights.

Visit myfriendsinweed.com to learn more.