Life at ForceLife @ Force is an editorial series designed to capture what it’s like to work at ForceBrands. Get an inside look at the consumer product industry’s leading recruiting firm. 

ForceBrands is the leading recruiting firm for consumer brands that connects growing companies with world-class talent. The force behind the hiring process — the stewards who negotiate and align hiring terms, interview schedules, compensation expectations, and more — is the agile team of recruiters who are specialized to each of the industries ForceBrands services: beverage, food, beauty, and cannabis.

Recruiting, especially in today’s candidate-driven job market, is not without its challenges. It takes a unique set of skills and personality traits to make the kinds of connections that build winning teams.

So what makes an excellent recruiter? We caught up with ForceBrands’ Senior Executive Recruiters Olivia Rodriguez and Andie Turitz to learn more about their work and the qualities required to succeed in it.

Be a goal-oriented self-starter
Rodriguez says she likes to set goals and is number-oriented when it comes to her work, which makes sense as most recruiters’ KPIs are measured by numerical milestones. Someone looking to be a recruiter should be naturally driven and excited about achieving goals. In recruiting, no one is going to stand behind your shoulder pushing you to achieve your goals, so you have to motivate and push yourself to do better and check every item on your list.

Solve problems quickly
“We work both internally and externally managing the needs of our clients,” Rodriguez says. “What if a candidate doesn’t show up or if a client doesn’t call a candidate? Whatever problems may arise, you need to be able to problem-solve effectively and efficiently.”

Have excellent time-management and organization skills
Like in any other job, you should be able to manage your time in an efficient way. But when it comes to recruiting, it is especially important because there are many other people involved in your schedule who also depend on your level of organization and punctuality. There are numerous phone calls, emails, and meetings a day, so you have to stay on top of your schedule and not behind it.

Be an extroverted introvert
Some people assume that because a recruiter is someone whose job revolves around talking to people, only an extroverted person can be good at it. Turitz says that is not true, as she is herself an introvert. “People I talk to every day are people who I am trying to help so they want to talk to me, and we have something that needs to get done,” Turitz says. “If you are an introvert, you have to be an extroverted introvert because you do need to convey excitement with these jobs.”

Overly communicative
Both Rodriguez and Turitz highlight the importance of giving clients and candidates as much information and details as possible. Follow-up often and consistently keep everyone in the loop. Update both parties on the current situation and give them comprehensive feedback. Even if there are no updates, you should regularly and proactively check in with your candidates and clients.

Be a great listener
One of the most fundamental aspects of being a recruiter is the ability to listen to any concerns that might arise before, during, and after the hiring process. Understanding the needs and expectations of clients and candidates is paramount to the success of the role. Being a great listener means making sure everyone’s voice is heard and that both parties are pleased with the results.

When it comes to their experience at ForceBrands, both Turitz and Rodriguez say that it is easy to grow as a recruiter and pick up more skills because the environment is so collaborative: everyone is willing to help and you are encouraged to ask questions and take advice not just from your direct supervisor but your colleagues as well. The training is also a good learning experience.

“There’s the ramp-up period for the first six months when they train you,” Turitz says. “You get to shadow people and learn about the industries without feeling like you have to make a placement while you are learning.”

Interested in becoming a recruiter at ForceBrands? Browse our internal positions and job board. Looking for a change in your career? Work with one of our talented recruiters.