As the year winds down, we’re sharing some expert insights into end-of-year best practices when it comes to team building strategies. Read on to learn how employers can use this time to set themselves up for a successful and prosperous new year, and why it’s a good idea to hire this quarter.

Think Q4 isn’t an opportune time to hire? Think again. ForceBrands‘ Director of Client Strategy Ben Ramsey suggests using the year’s fourth and final quarter to check in with your team to identify where employees may not be working out, and to not be afraid of letting go of people who may not be working out.

Ramsey suggests using the end of the year to conduct a full employee audit and take advantage of hiring effective new talent at a time when most people are settling into bonus season.

“Get the talent you want when it’s unexpected,” Ramsey said.

And according to CareerBuilder’s Q4 2017 Job Forecast, employers are making more hires in Q4 this year than last year. According to the survey, 43 percent of employers plan to hire full-time permanent workers over the next three months, and 73 percent plan to increase salaries for those employees. The survey also revealed that 35 percent of employers plan to hire seasonal workers, and 51 percent will increase pay for those workers.

If you’re not looking to hire in Q4 and are more concerned about retaining top talent after bonus season, Ramsey encourages employers to make sure they’re rewarding their highest performers, and not just financially. Read more here on how to retain top talent during bonus season.