When it comes to medical marijuana consumption, CBD reigns supreme. CBD consumption is on the rise with all the benefits of cannabis (think pain relief, deeper sleep, reduced anxiety, and more) but without the psychoactive high produced by THC.

There are hundreds of tinctures and vape pens on the market containing various levels of CBD. We’ve rounded up five innovative ways to consume CBD — from bath bombs to dark chocolate chews.

Kush Queen

1. As a bath bomb
If your primary reason for consuming CBD products is to lower your stress and anxiety levels, then you have to try Kush Queen’s bath bombs. They offer five different formulas, as well as a handful of seasonal flavors, each of which is made with a unique combination of organic essential oils intended to target different issues (their top sellers are the Relax and Relieve CBD bath bombs). With zero percent THC and high levels of CBD, these bath bombs are a perfect way to get your daily dose of CBD.

Best Healthy Functional Beverages

2. As a sparkling tonic
Love LaCroix? Then Mood33 might just be your favorite new way to consume CBD. The beverage brand has three delicious and refreshing sparkling tonics infused with locally grown cannabis and natural terpenes. With 10 mg of THC per 12-ounce bottle, Mood 33 offers a “standard serving size” of THC as designated by the state of California. The beverage brand will be offering three “moods” at the start of 2019: joy (yerba mate leaves, peppermint, and dried lemon peel), passion (sparkling green tea, passionfruit, and lime), and calm (chamomile, rose hibiscus, and raspberry). Each drink contains different levels of CBD and THC, but all provide a totally unique and innovative way to get your daily cannabis dose.

1906 Chocolates

3. As a chocolate
Although recently launched in 2016, cannabis-infused chocolate company 1906 is backed by a team that takes pride in carving a credible niche in the cannabis space by leveraging their decades of experience at Fortune 500 companies. Their chocolates are low-dose (typically 5 mg per serving). They seek to cater to the health and lifestyle needs of adults. 1906 takes a therapeutic approach to address adult wellness.

Sagely Naturals

4. As a roll-on
CBD has been proven to be an effective way to treat pain. If you suffer from the occasional, or all-too-frequent, headache this Sagely Naturals roll-on is the innovative CBD option you’ve been looking for. Packed with essential oils like peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus as well as cooling menthol, headache sufferers can apply this to their temples, neck and scalp and watch the pain melt away. The perfect size for a purse or bag, this roller ball is great to have on hand for CBD-driven pain relief.


5. As a morning jolt
Prefer to start your day with a dose of CBD? Then SteepFuze is for you. Providing high-quality CBD-infused coffee beans and loose-leaf teas, there’s a little something for everyone. While the three coffee varieties (including a decaf) may be a little pricier than those commonly found on supermarket shelves, they’re well worth the investment. SteepFuze’s coffees and teas help lower anxiety, manage pain, and provide a general sense of well-being.

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