In a world with limited travel and fewer face-to-face opportunities, brands must address their biggest challenge: training the trade with a fresh, inventive, and memorable approach.

For alcohol beverage marketers who want to reach an audience of influencers, costs can rise fast:

In-person demonstrations only reach small audiences. And they run up big budgets.

Media spends put out messages alongside everyone else. Nothing exclusive there.

Off-the-shelf “Learning Management Systems” offer a digital solution — but require boring platforms. Big fees, too.

The industry giants use purpose-built systems that cost millions. For mid-size and smaller brands to compete, they need the service Barcademy provides.

For the first time, brands can offer digital training to the trade audience that influences up to 40% of drink orders ($50 billion in sales). By sharing your story on a snappy and rewarding platform, you can cover a huge footprint with a low budget.

And unlike typical media spending, this platform gets named for your brand, not ours.

Influencers register at a page like this:


• The audience comes from among the 1.5 million bartenders, retail staff, distribution teams and sales support professionals who want to enhance their careers.

• The training mixes basic hospitality ideas with brand-specific messages.

• The platform tracks who participates, without having to guess.

To qualify for free training, participants share a few things that excite them about the brand. The answers provide insightful quotes that exceed what any focus group could provide. And because people like to prove themselves right, the positive words create a deep and long-lasting connection.

Once in the program, a personalized curriculum provides the right information in the right order, based on each participant’s relevant experience. Sponsored brand training gets weaved in seamlessly.

Built into the program, points reward participants for their accomplishments. Your brand chooses what those points earn — from merchandise to experiences. And because they require engagement, these rewards feel truly valuable.

Because bartending requires muscle memory, the training includes practice sessions for new skills. Participants share video footage with colleagues and receive feedback from mentors.

All that activity generates momentum toward more featured recipes, more case orders, and more off-premise sales.

Meantime, brands can see who is active and react accordingly. When it comes time for an in-person sales visit to the area, the team has a clear destination, with a personal welcome at the bar.

Barcademy offers brands a simple way to improve their training outreach from piecemeal to strategic — generating awareness, increasing activation, and building loyalty.

For brands aiming for a fresh, inventive, and memorable approach, now is the time to reach the right audience with the right story to increase sales.

To learn more about Barcademy, reach out to Andrew directly.