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    Are Learning Organizations the Key to Keeping Talent? Here’s What You Had to Say

    For brands to catch fire, companies rely on talent, marketing, and technology as kindling. The pandemic was an accelerant — fast-tracking trends, compressing timelines, and requiring skills of the future, now. Keeping competency current and being proactively prepared for what’s next has never been more important. To build on Albert Einstein’s quote: “Once you stop […]

    • ForceBrands
    • January 23, 2022
    • Rebecca Fryer
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    How to Take Charge of Your Professional Development in 2020

    The workplace is a revolving door of ideas on how to attract, retain, and engage employees to help drive the success of a business. In today’s modern workforce that’s influenced by technology (both beneficial and distracting), the idea of professional development has continued to morph into activities that take the employee out of their “work […]