With 2019 just a few weeks away, we’re starting to look ahead and anticipate the biggest trends that will define the future of the food industry.

Last week, Business Insider reported that Whole Foods released a list of the 10 food trends they think will dominate restaurant menus, grocery store shelves, and mealtimes in 2019. From avocado ice cream to kelp noodles, here’s what to look out for in the new year.

1. Pacific-Rim inspired flavors
Think dishes from Asia, Oceana, and the western coasts of South America. In particular, Whole Foods will be stocking their shelves with things like guava, dragon fruit, dried shrimp, and cuttlefish.

2. Shelf-stable probiotics
Probiotics, like kimchi and pickled foods, have been popular — even mainstream — for years. But in 2019, look out for shelf-stable probiotics added to wellness products like vitamins and supplements, and even beauty products.

3. Phat fats
Newer diets like keto, paleo, and gluten-free encourage followers to eat more healthy fats. So easy-to-grab snacks like coconut butter-filled chocolates and a new type of vegan ready-to-drink coffees (inspired by butter coffee) are poised to become major sellers in 2019.

4. Frozen treats
Vanilla ice cream is out; frozen treats with innovative bases are in. Look for ice creams made from avocado, hummus, and coconut water.

5. Marine delights
Seaweed has been touted as one of the best healthy and portable snacks for years now. Next year, expect to see other marine delights like kelp noodles or seaweed butter making their debuts.

6. Faux meat snacks
More people than ever adhere to vegan or vegetarian diets. But that doesn’t mean they’re willing to give up the taste and experience of meat forever. Look for more veggie jerkies and faux bacon snacks on store shelves in 2019.

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