With the holiday season in full swing and New Year’s Eve coming up in a few short weeks, you might be sampling some tasty drinks at family gatherings and office parties. Since 2019 is fast approaching, you might be wondering what’s going to be on the drink menu next year.

In 2019, expect bartenders to get creative with unexpected flavors and twists on your favorite classic drinks — you’ll see everything from intriguing new spices from your pantry to yummy mocktails that are perfect for low-key nights out. Read on for a few trends that will shake up the beverage world  — and your favorite cocktail bar — next year. Get ready to discover your new “usual.”

1. Mushroom infusions
It seems like the world of wellness is having a mushroom moment — mushrooms have always shown up on pizzas and in casseroles, but now they’re the hot new ingredient in everything from soups to lattes to hot chocolate. Brands tout mushrooms specifically for their health benefits, but 70 percent of bartenders now say that they are experimenting with mushrooms in cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. They’re definitely not just for the dinner table anymore. Mushrooms can add a unique savory hint to cocktail menu staples.

2. Flavors from the health food store
Herbs, spices, and condiments that become popular in the wellness niche are becoming mainstream, and although cocktails aren’t exactly health tonics, it makes sense that bartenders and mixologists would be inspired by these bold ingredients. Expect to see turmeric, moringa, celery root, tarragon, and bone broth making appearances on cocktail menus.

3. Aperol frosé will be everyone’s favorite combo
The Aperol spritz has always been super popular among Europeans, but this Italian aperitif has also taken off in the U.S. It’s made from a sweet, sparkling combination of prosecco, aperol, club soda, and a slice of lime. Combine it with frozen rosé, and what do you get? Aperol frosé, which is predicted to be the most popular drink of 2019. Expect to see this delicious concoction at poolside bars and beach resorts everywhere as soon as the weather warms up. It’s a refreshing choice for a hot summer day.

4. A new take on mocktails
It might seem strange that low- to no-alcohol beverages will actually be gaining in popularity at cocktail bars in 2019, but about 80 percent of bartenders say that they are looking forward to adding new mocktail options to their menus next year. Perhaps it’s because people are becoming more health conscious and want to cut down on boozy beverages while still socializing at their favorite bars, or because it’s an opportunity to think outside the box and work with new ingredients, but either way, it’s definitely a welcome development. Having a selection of delicious mocktails on the menu creates a more inclusive environment that makes it more comfortable for people who are choosing to drink less or who would prefer to avoid alcohol altogether.

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