Manufacturer and Supplier

About Us
WellWell is a fast growing, tech-enabled functional beverage brand based in NYC.

In the world of sports drinks and wellness beverages, we had trouble finding options that were both free of artificial ingredients, and supported by scientific research.

We’re not from that world. We’re doctors and chefs and athletes, former punk kids who were frustrated by everything fake. We grew up in communities that weren’t afraid to call the world out.

Now, we’re here.

We’ve realized that we enjoy taking care of our bodies and minds, to be better people for our people. That’s why we can’t accept the status quo. We worked to create products we wanted to use—made with natural ingredients combined in recipes based on science. Not made in a lab, just proven in one.

Because we like science. We hate sugar water. We believe in real, wholesome food, and that great ingredients can be made greater when you know what you’re doing with them.

We’re not here to call anyone out. We’re here to call everyone out.

We make functional beverages that function. If it’s in the bottle, it does something. Openly and honestly, we share what we know and what we don’t. We work to give you everything you need, both inside the bottle and with our voice, to cultivate your vibrance. Yours, truly.