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About Us
With a deep history in California agriculture, Joe Wagner and Kyle Stroud found a mutual curiosity in creating spirits that would embrace the ethos of cultivation of the land; after all, it is the foundation of human civilization.
With the first distilling run of apple brandy in 2014, Joe and Kyle began to tinker with a number of other spirits, eventually growing their own corn and grain to make rye and bourbon, selecting storied malted barley for their California single malt and venturing into brandy that pays homage to their history of growing grapes and making wine.

Through curiosity, there were many experiments with distilling, oak use, barreling techniques, and applying their wine knowledge to evolve Californian spirits to the next level. After nearly a decade of crafting this array of spirts, they are ready to share them with the world and hope to inspire people with the bounty that agriculture brings.
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