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About Woody Creek Distillers

Colorado craft distillery producing award-winning potato vodka, gin, rye whiskey, and bourbon.
Woody Creek Distillers philosophy for every spirit we distill is as follows: Make a spirit of genuine integrity, true to its essence, and unique in its taste and character. Hand-picked, hand-crafted, and hand-bottled, Woody Creek Distillers has total control over every element of production from farm to bottle. 

Who We Are

Woody Creek Distillers grows its own potatoes at the Scanlan Family Farm in Woody Creek Colorado (as well as other farms in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley), specifically for vodka and gin production. We source mountain spring water locally to produce our ultra-premium American spirits. The grains for our whiskey are sourced from Colorado farmers; we distill and age every drop of whiskey at our facility in the Aspen Valley. Woody Creek Distillers was founded in 2012 by owners Mary Scanlan, Pat Scanlan, and Mark Kleckner.