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About PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer

In 2015, PRESS was inspired by a chance comment over dinner with a friend. Amy recognized an opportunity in her wish for “seltzer with a little something.” She channeled her advertising acumen, international savvy, and mission to serve women into founding PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer. Her innovative seltzer cocktail has taken the male-dominated beverage industry by storm.

Amy developed the first PRESS flavor profiles in her kitchen, brewing up sophisticated flavor combinations inspired by her global culinary explorations. She had three no-compromise goals. First, the seltzer had to be delicious. Second, the flavor profiles had to be sophisticated. Finally, for fans committed to responsible sipping, it had to be low ABV. When she brought PRESS to market, the hard seltzer category was non-existent. Naysayers only fueled Amy’s determination to market her premium seltzer.

Today, PRESS is the only woman-owned seltzer among the top-10 brands in a now burgeoning beverage category. It is available in all lower 48 states, gathering glowing media accolades and securing shelf space at major retailers.

The sparkling taste of PRESS reflects Amy’s belief that all of life’s delicious moments are meant to be savored. The fact that so many of you enthusiastically embrace the PRESS experience makes this journey a delight. Life is meant to be a rich adventure. We look forward to sharing new delicious flavors with you as the journey continues.