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Phusion Projects, LLC is a multi-brand, global alcoholic beverage company with a product portfolio that includes Four Loko, John Daly’s,  Moskato Life, and Earthquake.

Phusion Projects is an American small business success story. Starting with a big idea, passion, and some capital from a Small Business Administration loan, Phusion Projects quickly grew into a global business with more than 90 employees. Additionally, Phusion Projects is proud to contribute to thousands of jobs across the U.S., including those at beer distributors.

Since the company’s inception, Phusion Projects has encouraged fans to unfold their own story through its flagship Four Loko brand, while being committed to operating as a responsible member of the alcoholic beverage industry.

From casual social outings to epic events, Phusion’s products are perfect for any occasion. We know different nights call for different kinds of products – and that’s what we’re here for. Cheers!