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About Phillips Distilling Co.

Consumer Driven Brand Innovation
Phillips Distilling Company has been at the forefront of next-generation drinking for over a hundred years. Our history provides to us a depth of experience, but longevity has not dampened our aspiration to be the leading innovator of preferred spirits brands in the Heartland. We are brand builders, using a consumer-centric approach as we strive to satisfy consumer needs, preferences, and ever-changing tastes. And, we're proud to note the results, evident in the quality products we create across a myriad of spirits categories spanning the globe.

Our Values Drive Our Success
We've grown up in the Heartland, embracing the values and traditions born of where we live. We get to know our customers well and are inspired to create products that add value to the way they live and celebrate life. We're collaborative, always giving our best to customer service. And, we remain committed to positively impacting the communities in which we do business. Always focused on delivering quality and craftsmanship, we foster a culture that promotes genuine hospitality.

We're Committed to Growing Responsibly
We're committed to growing business responsibly, balancing financial success and quality with accountability in everything we do. We support the responsible use of our products and hold ourselves accountable to the communities we serve. We take our environmental responsibility seriously, too, always making conscious efforts to be good stewards of natural resources while promoting sustainable practices, inside and outside our walls.

Quality And Value In Every Brand
As one of the most innovative and enduring producers of distilled spirits in America, Phillips Distilling Company creates products for a variety of occasions and tastes. Beloved by consumers, our leading brands represent our passion for quality and craftsmanship.