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About MatchaBar

MatchaBar is a matcha tea company founded by brothers Max & Graham Fortgang based in Brooklyn, New York. MatchaBar opened its flagship - the country's first specialty matcha cafe - in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2014. In the Fall of 2015, MatchaBar Manhattan opened its doors! 

Shortly after, the team announced the launch of a RTD bottled product - bringing to market the world's first ceremonial grade bottled matcha. MatchaBar is currently distributed by Doras Natural, and UNFI throughout the North East and West Coast markets.

And almost three years later, with two additional cafe locations set to open in Los Angeles, the MatchaFam prepares for a national roll-out of their bottled product! All the while, the brothers remain on a simple mission: to bring matcha to the people, sharing what they believe to be a better energy with the world around them!

Our Mission: To Bring Matcha To The People

Our Values: Good Things Come To Thuse Who Hustle.

Do we believe in Karma? Magic? Santa Claus? 
We're not quite sure, but we do believe in the hustle. It's the backbone of our business, and is responsible for MatchaBar's very existence! The hustle is about going above and beyond to get the job done. Our community, the MatchaFam, defines itself by just this -- hard work, passion, and a sense of purpose.