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As a group of value-driven individuals, we bonded over our beliefs that simplicity in tradition can be upheld without compromise to disrupt and challenge the status quo. With our unique process and by going back to basics, we embolden the adage that 'less is more’ -- the right ingredients alongside an un-compromised process can change the way the world thinks of, enjoys and experiences food…

Kalahari Biltong was founded after adventuring down to South Africa to race 175 miles in an Ironman and Ultramarathon within a week. Amidst our travels, we experienced the diversity of how Biltong was enjoyed, whether on the trail, a simple healthy snack, or paired with wine and cheese at a vineyard. Inspired by the unbelievable flavor and natural process, Kalahari Biltong was born!

What is Biltong?  A centuries-old South African style of naturally air drying meat with simple ingredients – creating a cross between dry-aged beef, jerky, and prosciutto.

Is it Jerky?   No! Jerky is blasted with high heat, pumped full of sugar, artificial ingredients and sodium resulting in a tough, leathery experience. Biltong, unlike Jerky, and similar to the style of a prosciutto, is air-dried for 3 weeks. The result – sugar-free, tender slices of American Beef.