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Introducing the world's first line of single bottle infusions. It is easy to get lost in the liquor aisle. That's why we launched our company with vodkas that have real fruit and spices - so you can SEE what's inside every bottle. We don't just tell you it's infused, we show you inside every single bottle. In fact, we are the only single-bottle infusion company that sticks to this philosophy: natural, real ingredients inside every bottle. No added sugars, dies, or artificial ingredients - ever.

Infuse Spirits embodies everything a true infusion is. Infuse Spirits vodka has a natural unsweetened flavor, exceptional smoothness, and unparalleled quality you won't find in other vodkas brands. Unlike other brands that artificially flavor spirits, we craft exceptional infused vodka. The real ingredients give the ultra-premium American distilled vodkas their taste, color, and smell. The result of our labor-intensive process is the purest spirit on the market.

In 2017, we announced the launch of our full range of single-bottle infused bitters as well as our first ever Bourbon infusion, "Broken Barrel". 
Journey with us as we explore the venture to find new flavor combinations and explore the vast world of infusions.