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Alcoholic Beverage
Named for the until recently little-known tailor, spy, and hero of the American Revolution who changed history and secured freedom for all, Hercules Mulligan is based on unique recipes inspired from the period.
Launched in late 2019, Hercules Mulligan’s initial recipe is simple in its nature - Rum, Rye Whiskey, fresh Ginger & Bitters - yet utterly complex and delightful; a unique composition which tickles the nose and loosens the lips. Recently introduced Eyr & Rye is equally tantalizing with a unique combination of Irish Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, and Maraschino Cherry Bitters.
Quality is etched in Hercules Mulligan’s DNA, as it uses real, honest, actual ingredients – no fake “natural” flavors. It’s a true craft cocktail in a bottle – picking up awards and rave reviews for how it delivers quality with ease. The best way to savor its flavors is sipping it on the rocks. Simplicity for the win. 

Our Culture

We are entrepreneurial go-getters that value work ethic, honesty, and energy.

Hercules Mulligan History

Started in 2019 initially on-line, the brand is now present in nearly 30 markets across the United States.