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About Goodfish

Goodfish is pioneering a radical, powerful and momentous shift in how seafood is understood and consumed. GOODFISH is giving sustainable seafood a mass-market platform (chips) that delivers high performance health & wellness for an entirely new segment of Conscious Functional Snacking.

GOODFISH is focused on developing critical-mass sustainable seafood products that demonstrate that innovation, transparency, and progressive practices can go beyond a niche appeal and tip into the mainstream.

Goodfish is launching in February 2020

The best thing you’ve never eaten – Wild salmon skins are fried into delicate crisps, salted and seasoned with select ingredients, for a light, on-the-go snack. With good fats, 7g of clean protein, marine collagen, and zero-carbs, our crispy salmon skins will blow your usual chips out of the water.
•       Wild caught, Alaskan Salmon from Bristol Bay
•       800mg naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids
•       2600mg of marine collagen for better hair, skin & nails
Working together, we can protect the last truly wild resource in the world — and help people live and eat healthier in the process.

Goodfish is Douglas Riboud and Justin Guilbert’s second venture as co-founders, investors & executives. In 2009 they created Harmless Harvest, a natural foods trailblazer that swiftly led the industry toward elevated standards of sourcing, manufacturing and social progress. The company’s flagship coconut water and is widely recognized as a mass-market hit brand with iconic status in next wave food & beverage.