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About FounderMade

FounderMade is obsessed with the world’s best products in food, wellness, and beauty, but we know that the best products aren’t necessarily the ones you’ve seen on shelves for decades; they’re often the ones being created based on the trends, tastes, and needs of today.

Here at FounderMade, we take discovering consumer brands to the next level, helping entrepreneurs everywhere scale their business and helping consumers everywhere discover the newest and best products. Our mission is get the most innovative, inspiring brands to the place they belong: in the hands of those who want them. We do this through...

  • Helping people discover new brands that will improve their lives — and the stories behind them.
  • Empowering founders to bring their products to more people through distribution, thought leadership, high-impact marketing initiatives & investment.
  • Bringing retailers and distributors a curated selection of best-in-class brands through our tech platform and annual summits.
Read more about our mission & how we've become a power player here.