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About Eat Me Guilt Free

The Eat Me Guilt Free Product line was created by Cristie Besu, A.K.A., AskCristie (Registered Nurse and Certified Sports Nutritionist) as a result of her clients struggling with their night time cravings for sweets. She needed to find a solution that would satisfy them, while delivering a lean physique. 

Unlike other products on the market, Eat Me Guilt Free goodies are safe to eat at any time of day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, pre or post workout, you chose. Why? Because the macros say so. Our original flavors, brownie and blondie, boast a 3:1 protein to carbohydrate ratio. Making it unique over any other bar or baked good on the market, and the safest night time snack. 

We use minimal ingredients and are committed to only using elements that our customers can pronounce. In a nutshell, we are the best tasting and most convenient portable protein on the market.