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Cliffton Dry sparkling wine-style cider presents a wonderfully delicate and pure, organically-produced beverage that celebrates a new generation. Made from 100% first-pressed, locally grown apples, Cliffton Dry offers a low-alcohol (5.5%), gluten free, low-calorie drink that serves as the perfect stand-alone refreshment, or accompaniment to the finest farm-to-table meal.

Akin to a prosecco, Cliffton Dry is fermented in the Charmat Method.  A great deal of love and integrity is poured into every bottle of this exceptionally delicate, clean, pure, light sparkling. Cliffton?s style and taste is for a generation seeking an everyday beverage that has low sugar, low calorie and no preservatives. We are a lifestyle driven brand with scalable product production. 
We are licensed to sell in CA/FL and NY.