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  • Like our namesake borough, the Brooklyn Brewery is made up of a rich collection of characters from all over the world. In our Williamsburg home, these characters are dedicated to brewing and selling great beer and enriching the communities we serve. Together, these Brooklyners have assembled the skills needed to transform a home brewing hobby into an independent brewery with a brand that has become an international beacon for good beer. 
  • Starting with our flagship Brooklyn Lager, the portfolio of Brooklyn Brewery has grown to a wide-ranging collection of beers, always keeping an eye to traditional brewing techniques, even as Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his team seek to push the boundaries of beer. It?s now easy to find a smooth Brooklyn Lager, hoppy East IPA or roasty Brown Ale in your favorite watering holes. BLAST!, Sorachi Ace and Greenmarket Wheat are standing by on shelves near you, ready to be taken to parties, barbecues or your favorite chair. Each season brings beloved seasonals like Brooklyn Summer Ale and Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout back to the shelves and taps, ushering in the joys of the changing weather. Big bottles of Local 1, Local 2 and Sorachi Ace are no strangers to restaurants and home-cooked meals alike. Push a little closer to the fringes and you may find yourself enjoying an extremely limited Brewmaster?s Reserve at a handful of bars, encountering a Ghost Bottle released from our barrel aging facility or stumbling upon a rare offering from the Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment stables. Attend one of our beer dinners or special events and there?s honestly no telling what might come in your next glass, but you can count on it being delicious.
  • If you?re planning a trip to New York City, make sure The Brooklyn Brewery is a stop on your schedule. Come down for a beer, hang out with our staff, attend an event, take a tour, and have a look around where some of the world?s best beer is brewed.