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We’re committed to crafting the finest quality wine spritzer made with really good ingredients. When we created Blossom Brothers, we began with a very simple question: What would we want to drink? The answer was an aromatic, refreshing and delicious wine spritzer. We love wine – and, for the record – we love craft beers and ciders, too. But, we craved something bright and refreshing, created in the spirit of the craft movement with the finest ingredients.

Blossom Brothers starts with really good wine. Our fruit, flower and root essences – which enhance the wines’ aromatics – are artfully made with naturally-sourced botanicals. Finally, we add water and CO2 for a refreshing effervescence. Infusing wine with fruit, root and flower essences was first discovered nine-thousand years ago. Like our ancient predecessors, we’ve selected botanicals that enhance the wine, not overpower it. The resulting spritzer is refreshing, subtly sweet and vibrantly aromatic.

And by the way, we’re really three guys – the “brothers” on the label – and we’re passionate about crafting a wine spritzer that will be a part of your most enjoyable moments in life.