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incubator investment spending platform - mijenta - tequila - new concept - female master just finished blaco and next is Fiol - 19.99 small volume expectations on all expetations with small profits Fiol with breakthru 4-5 states and they concluded a handshake in mezcal Knockmore - high end whiskey in 15 states maybe blend a few with an existing footprint can ad-hoc their own distributor not talking to distributors until Jan and Feb Just got the logo done for Altos Planos Collective Company Description: Altos Planos is a boutique, luxury goods company that sells and markets high-end spirit brands across the globe. We will be launching a collection of uber-premium spirit brands starting in March. Altos Planos first product is Mijenta Tequila, and the company will sell (4) types of tequila, Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and a Super Anejo-Cristalino. We have collaborated with Ana Maria Romero Mena to create the formula and oversee the agave harvest and production in Mexico. Ana will be the face of the brand and working with Altos Planos in the USA as well promoting Mijenta Tequila. We will be launching a one-of-a kind mezcal in June of 2020. Altos Planos will offer a collection of (4) types of Mezcal with distinct, unique taste profiles. Three of the Mezcal subscriptions will be rare and available on a limited basis. The primary brand foundation for the mezcal will be the ancestral type of production methods and local ingredients used in the spirit. The Mezcal will be utilized to enhance our selling efforts of the tequila as well. Altos Planos is actively engaged in brand acquisition of a premium prosecco and a unique Irish Whiskey. We have initiated discussion for a gin as well. We see the company developing and marketing (5) spirit brands across the globe. Basic Commercial Strategy: Altos Planos? commercial strategy is to develop small segments within a market with employees that are account focused, manage event activity and are promotional driven sales managers. We are going to apply a depth of resources to a narrow geography to impact the consumer at the point of consumption. Altos Planos initial structure will have a couple of Regional Managers to support and manage the distributor tier for the various Market Managers. Once the Reposado is launched at the end of Q2 2020, we will provide a support layer with Star-Tenders or Trade Advocates.