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About Us
VELLAMO® is an emerging water supplier in the North American Market. The ultra premium natural mineral and premium spring water has an ideal natural balance of Minerals, Electrolytes and Alkalinity that originates from melted Ice Age Glaciers in Finland from 10.000 years ago.

VELLAMO®  is water brand based on tagline  – it means we respect our heritage and its untouched character. Our engineered brand philosophy requires us to constantly strive to perfect our production, our communication and our process in developing our own future. By making products that creates exclusivity for most savvy consumers, it also creates a story that brings adventure, happiness and excitement in their life.

Sustainability is one of the key factors of our success. Our bottling factory uses solar energy, we are committed to using the most sustainable packaging materials in the world and achieve carbon neutral production by 2026. Our water resources in Finland are always ethically and sustainably used.

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