SOCIAL Sparkling Wine

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The Cleanest Alcohol 
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Our innovative wines are the cleanest and tastiest way to enjoy alcohol. We use premium organic ingredients to give you the absolute best for your body. With SOCIAL, you'll be empowered to live a more vibrant and connected life and wake up with the energy to share your gifts with the world.

Only Trust Organic

We're all about our ingredients! SOCIAL is the only USDA certified organic canned wine. Why should you care? Because drinks labeled as "natural" can still have synthetic ingredients inside. You might be asking, "Then how can they claim that they're natural?" Unfortunately, the FDA doesn't have strict rules in place for things labeled as "natural." But lucky for us, the USDA certified organic symbol on our wines mean that our ingredients are heavily regulated and they're free from artificial and synthetic ingredients like flavors, colors, and sweeteners. Check out our labels—we've got nothing to hide!

Yes We Can(ned wine)!

Free yourself from glass and crack open a can! We've created a genuine, one-of-a-kind canned wine for every SOCIAL experience. Did you know that cans have a smaller carbon footprint than glass? Cans are 100% sustainable and are the most recycled material—when you recycle them they'll be used over and over again...FOREVER! Metal has even been classified as a "permanently available material." Plus, they're light, easy, and convenient—that's a win-win for us! Choose the best for yourself AND the environment.

But don't worry...for those nights when you're feeling fancy, our botanical flavors are available in bottles. With 4% ABV, it's the balanced indulgence you've been looking for. So grab your girls, and POUR your hearts out!