Salt Point Beverage Co.



About Us
We are Salt Point, a ready-to-drink cocktail company based in Mill Valley, CA. Our branding is a tribute to the nature Northern California is surrounded by. Salt Point’s name itself is inspired by Salt Point State Park and The Pacific Coastline.  

Salt Point is bringing craft to the canned cocktail segment and shattering the traditional stigma associated with the category.   
 In July 2016, we launched with our first beverage, the Moscow Mule: a tasteful blend of 6x distilled craft vodka, small batch ginger beer and lime.   

In July, 2018 we launched our two new SKUs, the Greyhound: a bright and citrusy blend of 6x distilled craft vodka, grapefruit, lime and seltzer and the Gin Highball: a balanced and delicious blend of aromatic gin, seltzer, cucumber, lemon and a dash of bitters.   

All of our cocktails are small batch and crafted with all-natural ingredients.  

Salt Point canned cocktails are fundamentally changing the way people drink at home and on-the-go by creating a consistently delicious cocktail in a can.    

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We do direct distribution, next-day delivery within CA and our cocktails are currently on the shelves in 300+ stores throughout CA.