ROC House Brands


Distributor and Production and Manufacturing

About Us
The birthplace and home of ROC HOUSE BRANDS matters.

LIDESTRI FOOD & DRINK was founded in Rochester, NY some 40 years ago. Today LiDestri is a premier private label and contract manufacturer of food, beverages and spirits with more than 1200 employees. And while dramatic growth has led to operations in other cities, the heart and soul of the company can still be found in Rochester.

When the time came for the company’s spirits division to spread its wings and create its own identity, it was important to have our home base in the name. So it came to be: ROC HOUSE BRANDS.

We will remain faithful to LiDestri’s core values: Act with grit. Be creative. Make an impact. Do the right thing.

It is with these beliefs strongly in place that we define the ROC HOUSE BRANDS’ mission: To craft an authentic, relevant, and profitable portfolio which engages consumers, adds value to our partners and encourages employee growth.

Just as LiDestri forged its own path, using innovation as its guiding star, ROC HOUSE BRANDS will achieve its goals with products that are distinctive, surprising and always grounded in authenticity. And while they may come from all over the country, each one will have at least one thing in common…a little piece of Rochester.