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About Us
Established in 2008, Pyure Brands has become one of the largest and fastest growing independent stevia companies in America. We’re on a mission to help people live a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing taste. That’s why we’re innovating every day to provide you and your family with the highest quality, best tasting, all-natural and organic stevia products available anywhere.

We perfected a process that isolates only the sweetest part of the stevia plant, producing superior taste without any lingering bitterness or off flavors. Most producers use several species of the stevia plant throughout the year based on available supply. We use the same high-quality species of stevia all year-round to produce the sweetest, most consistent, best-tasting products on the market.

Pyure Brands stevia sweeteners and stevia-based products are sold in over 12,000 retail stores all across America, as well as on our website. Some of our most recognized retailers include; Walmart, Whole Foods, Wegmans, HEB, Amazon as well as many other grocers and natural retailers.

We understand the unique challenges that food and beverage manufacturers face in establishing reliable, sustainable raw materials solutions for their product formulations. That’s why we’ve worked hard to establish industry-leading supply chain oversight, certification programs, and documentation practices for our high quality, commercial-grade stevia sweeteners.